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New Holland
Original and Compatible Spare Parts for the grape harvesters world sector leader.
Original and Compatible Spare Parts for Automatic Harvesters. .
Original and Compatible Spare Parts for Automatic Harvesterss.
General Spare Parts
We not only have Consumables, we also supply a multitude of agricultural spare parts

How to buy spare parts?

-Download or look at our General Catalog (You can do it here ), to see the products.
- Write down the references of the spare parts you need. 
- Send an email to ot@eduardorepuestosagricolas.com indicating the references and the number of pieces of each.
- You will comfortably receive the final budget, check that everything is correct before confirming the purchase.

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Eduardo Repuestos Agrícolas is the leader in the sector of spare parts and consumables for Harvesting Machines.

The process is complete, from the design in our Technical Office of the parts, to the Manufacture of compatible molds and consumables, with small modifications on the original to offer improvements in performance and durability